The guests at Manti, will be invited to take an interactive trip to the Levant. The restaurant provides all the favorite flavors of the Mediterranean cuisine with a twist, using recipes that will get a rare consensus. Manti offers the most delicious authentic food and genuine recipes, to enrich the experience of the guests who will surely leave with a beautiful story to tell.
A specialized kibbeh concept designed to be your favorite home-made kibbeh provider. Kibbeh w Bas took the market demand of kibbeh to another level of maintaining the homey quality; as freshness of ingredients turns your first bite to a comfortable socializing experience. Mastering the kibbeh opens the horizons to innovate, develop and adapt to the guests’ taste.
70/30 is all about “Finesse”, as the meals are prepared with premium ingredients, while taking a close and special attention to every single detail to ensure the highest quality. The flexibility of 70/30 allows it to keep up with every international or local trend, and to be as innovative and adaptive to fulfill any needs or requests and provide tailored menus.
Almayass was the first of its kind in Kuwait. A franchise that has many branches throughout the world, most famously in New York, offers Armenian infused Lebanese food in a distinguished way, and is one of the leading restaurants in Kuwait; located in Al-Bidaa and has the capacity to cater for up to 300 guests. The restaurant aims at having its guests enjoy the homey flavors and aromas of the freshly prepared delicacies, embracing them with exquisite, consistently perfect style and quality created by a selectively chosen team to serve a blend of an appealing and fine dining locale.
We provide high quality healthy meals that will help in weight management and medical therapeutics, it is the first concept of its kind launched in the Middle East. The franchise expanded from Lebanon to the region with a mission that goes beyond the concept of weight loss, to that of helping the region’s communities achieve a better way of living. We serve more than 5 million meals a year.