Our story — one of great passion for innovation and creativity — gave birth to a new culture in the food services sector of Kuwait.

It is a story of both challenge and adventure, as we started out with limited resources and ended up introducing new concepts to the market. Although the risk was great, the rewards were greater, as the success is rooted in the promising capabilities of the team members, and a constant confidence in our vision. Combining these factors with creative thought and great determination, we were able to transform the dream into a reality.

Despite the challenges, we persisted. Through strong ambition and constant pursuit of development and improvement, we were able to create food that is crave-worthy, and distinctive to the taste buds.

This passion is driven by a determination to succeed in meeting the set goals, thanks to a diligent, innovative, and strong-willed team.

SAMA CATERING has continued to grow and expand rapidly, which can be attributed to distinguished thinking, serious proposition, and an enthusiasm for achievement.

All these factors allowed the company to establish a new culture in Kuwait’s culinary experience, followed by a journey that began in    countries, and we aspire to take it to even further destinations. Our ambition knows no borders, especially as it is supported by an integrated planning process that seeks to consolidate existence even more, and to attract more partners and guests.

Today, and after nearly 20 years since the first step, SAMA CATERING is looking to you with a renewed vision and a continuous desire to further raise the level of services and products in terms of quality, health and safety.


SAMA CATERING launched its actual activities in Kuwait through the first franchise it attracted, Diet Center, which has become a reference for healthy food, followed by distinctive and unique brands that had a positive impact on the market.

This success was a motivation for many who followed our example, especially after we achieved the basic goal of establishing a new and quality-driven culture for the world of food industries in Kuwait, a world that is not only related to eating food, but also to how it is prepared, presented and diversified, as well as making it an essential material for attracting and gathering people in an atmosphere of joy and contentment.

After Diet Center, we continued the same approach of introducing new and innovative concepts, within the framework of creativity that we are distinguished by, so it was "Almayass" restaurant which offers the most delicious Lebanese/Armenian dishes.

While these two brands are advanced names in Kuwait, the success was mainly achieved through an integrated and dedicated team characterized by great experience and the growing ability to develop, improve and provide the best. A team able to be flexible, which contributes to a diversity of products that satisfy all tastes and attract different groups.


At SAMA CATERING, we rely on many of the constant values that we have embraced since its establishment and are still rooted in various aspects of our work, as they govern all our activities, and help in providing the best to our customers and partners.

The most prominent of these values is the Quality Assurance, which we are keen to preserve in every phase of the delivery chain of food to our guests. We take this quality into account in the selection of partners who provide us with raw materials, as well as the constant insistence on how to utilize and prepare materials, to turn them into the best and most delicious dishes that satisfy our guests.

Among our values is preserving the best relationships with partners and striving to form one family that works for a mutual goal. This relationship has been characterized for two decades by stability and solidarity in all circumstances, with a mutual understanding on how to deal with exceptional situations. One of the main values is the spirit of the one team that unites us all, as everyone works for one and each individual works for all. Sincerity and dedication are among the basic aspects that we look forward to in every person working in our company.


The successful chain of work starts from planning in our offices, and passes through our multiple kitchens, before moving into different departments to reach our guests’ tables and locations, which is a work completed jointly and in solidarity between our various teams.

Our good knowledge of the market gives us the ability to cover the widest area and serve the largest possible number of people. It also allows our kitchens to meet any requests.


Many factors bring success to a company, most notably the human factor, which is the main engine of business.

SAMA CATERING has a dedicated team that includes more than 300 people, each of whom has extensive experience in his/her own field, as well as high skills and unparalleled professionalism.

It has been able to attract among the best experts in their role.

Despite their strengths and knowledge, our team members are constantly seeking self-development and more experience. Meanwhile, the management is always keen to provide the employees with the necessary support, knowing that permanent development is the key to brilliance, therefore we adopted special and continuous training for each job and specialty, as well as developing a clear Job Description for each position.