About Us

Our Story

Sama Catering Company is a Kuwaiti company established in 2001 aiming at providing catering, restaurant management services, franchising and consulting across GCC. Our brands include Diet Center, Al-Mayass, C-Lounge, BackYard and concepts to be launched soon. Through Diet center, one of our subsidiaries, we serve more than 3 million meals a year providing special diets and nutritionally balanced meals to a wide range of people on ongoing basis. The other brands serve hundreds of clients on daily basis.

We set the standard at being the best in the industry, providing trustworthy and comprehensive catering and franchise management services. We also work towards innovation and development of our offerings and processes by setting standards for over 10 years both in Kuwait and across the region.

Our reputation is solidly set in offering multiple catering options to the casual and recurring client. Our brands offer a wide selection of Multi-National/International cuisines serving appetizing flavors and aromas.

Our Services

Sama Catering has become widely praised with a reputation boasting exceptional and consistent cuisine offered to guests by a friendly and devoted team. This is the reason behind the loyalty of our guests. With diverse menus from our creative chefs, we are able to cater to multiple tastes, and with our ambitious management team, we look towards local and regional expansion on a grand scale aligned with our goals and ambitions.